Can your Farm survive the war? get ready!

War is coming to the farming world, build, equip yourself, train your army, explore to survive and finally go on a planet conquering spree.


Introducing a new world of gaming which involves farming, wars, upgrading & conquest.

Farm Wars is a 3D farming NFT game on the wax blockchain in which you can buy lands, build farms, breed cattle, collect water, construct buildings , train armies to fight monsters (PVE), dungeon adventures and other players (PVP), mine resources, build spaceships & ultimately compete for the space age to make your own civilization in outer space.

Farm Age
Farm | Build
War Age
Train | Explore
Space Age

Game Features


Use your farm land to strategically breed animals to collect food, collect water, build and upgrade buildings, train armies to explore the dungeons to get rare NFT's and resources and fight beasts. Finally build a spaceship to conquer planets and start mining rare resources.


Player can build an army to fight other players to win resources and exclusive NFT's.



Phase 1 (Q1 2022)

Website and Farm Paper Launch.

NeftyBlocks Whitelist.

Teaser Trailer Reveal.

Promo Sticker Drop.

Blending For Stickers.

New Website.

Phase 2 (Q2 2022)

AtomicHub Whitelist.

Whitelist (Gold & Silver) Pass Sale.

Farm Age Game Alpha Launch (TestNet).

Land, Buildings, Tools, Workers Pack Sale.

Game Tokens List on Alcor (Wood (WOFW), Food (FOFW), Water (WAFW), Gold (GOFW))

Collaborations with Other NFT Games.

Farm Age Game Beta Launch (MainNet)

Animal Pack Sale.

License Sale.

License Feature added to Game.

Phase 3 (Q3 2022)

Army Age GamePlay Reveal (Alpha).

Army Buildings Sale.

Game Token List on Alcor (Iron Ore (IRFW)).

Army Age Gameplay Launch.

Phase 4 (Q4 2022)

Space Age GamePlay Reveal (Alpha).

Spaceships Sale.

Game Token List on Alcor (Fuel (FUFW)).

Space Age Gameplay Launch.

Alcor Exchange

Our Team


CEO & Marketing Head


Game Designer & Tech Head


Graphic & Game Development Head